Club Origins:

The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club was founded by “Wino” Willie Forkner along with Fatboy Nelson, Dink Burns, George Menker and more than a few other 'Originals' in 1946 at the 'All American Bar' in the South Gate neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. 


 The Original members gained notoriety through their participation in the infamous Hollister, California event of July 4, 1947, which was immortalized by the movie “The Wild One".  It is said that Lee Marvin's character 'Chino' was based on the Boozefighters founding father, Willie "Wino" Forkner.


Since its founding in 1946 the Boozefighters have become one of the oldest active motorcycle clubs in existence.  Our history is preserved in the spirit of brotherhood and good fun. 

Chapter 137 - East Tennessee:

Chapter 137’s goal is to continue in the tradition established by our Foundering Fathers - brotherhood, fun and the love of riding motorcycles.

Chapter 137 was established in October of 2016 after receiving the go-head from the BFMC National organization.


Our purpose is to bring together individuals with a common interest in motorcycle riding and customization who have an appreciation of the historical significance and influence in the motorcycle community of the Original Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.

Chapter 137 does its best to keep the legacy of the Originals alive & well in here East Tennessee.  If you want to learn more, contact us using the contact form found on the Contact Page.


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